What is Healing?

“Illness is the body’s healing response, the body’s resolution of conflict.” William Brugh Joy

  • To heal is to make whole.
  • To heal is to integrate our parts into a single whole, a harmonious dance of opposites.
  • To heal is to release and let go, letting go of the past and opening to the future.
  • Healing is not a result of our will power.
  • Healing is related to surrendering and opening to forces that are much greater than we are.
  • To heal is to accept the power of Divine Love.
  • Healing is opening to our vulnerability and accept that we are part of a process that is much greater than our individual self.
  • To heal requires having a purity of intention, that connects with Divine intention and allows that energy to flow through us, for our highest good, and the highest good of all.

Healing and Counseling