The Heart Center

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart …Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens” C.G. Jung

The Heart Center is the middle chakra or middle energy center. It is often called the spiritual or intuitive heart. The Heart Center has unique resources to help us:

  • Transcend limitations
  • Heal ourselves and heal others
  • Open and strengthen a connection with the Divine

The Heart Center has a different awareness than the intellect or the ego, a different perspective, a larger perspective,  that is capable of showing compassion even toward those who may have hurt us, and to accept those parts of ourself that may be troublesome.

When we live from our Heart Center we stay in balance more easily. When we react to the bumps of life from the Heart Center, we stay in the NOW moment, fully engaged.

So, just take a minute to PAUSE, then focus your attention in the middle of your chest, and pretend you can breathe in through your heart, center yourself at your heart, and then in your own way shift into that space, that feeling, that knowing.

Pause …… Center ….. Shift……

The Four Attributes of the Heart Center:

Just as the physical heart has four chambers, the spiritual or energetic heart has four qualities or attributes. Practice these qualities, Meditate upon them, Live them for your self and others.

Hands and Candles goodCompassion – Acceptance of this present moment of your physical and spiritual journey; Compassion for yourself, as well as for others.

Innate Harmony – Having a light heart, as light as a feather; having a peaceful heart, peace beyond understanding.

Healing Presence – Combining opposite parts of ourself into an integrated whole; having a purity of intention that connects with Divine intention.

Unconditional Divine Love – Without conditions or expectations; the force that unites all things.

Healing and Counseling