Holistic Stress Management

“We are beings in a school for Gods, in which we learn slow motion the consequences of our thoughts.” William Brugh Joy

The best way to view stress is as a reaction to an event – not the event itself, but our reaction to the event.

There are a lot of bumps in the road of life. How we react to the bumps determines our level of stress.  We cannot always control the bumps in the road, but we can manage how we react.

We need to be aware of our feelings, but not allow feelings to drive our behavior.

In a difficult situation we need to stop and think about what we will say, what we will do, how we will respond.

Decide what part of your self do you want to be in charge.

We can choose what to think about, how we relate to others, how we work, how we express our needs, and the ways in which we care for ourselves. We can learn tools to shift out of stress and frustration and toward inner peace, gratitude, and vitality.

Tools for emotional self management:

  • Shift your attention to the middle of your chest, to your Heart Center
  • Pretend you can breath in and out through your Heart Center
  • Recall a positive emotional memory, a happy moment, perhaps a special person or pet, perhaps a special place, as if you are there right now…
  • Without trying too hard, just ease into the positive feeling while maintaining heart focus and heart breathing.  Open your Heart to the gratitude you feel because this experience is a part of your life.
  • Don’t think about it…Just feel it
  • You may wish to go a step deeper . . . Make a sincere request to your Heart for Guidance, and then just listen


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