Emergency Energy Healing at the Campsite

For several summers, my family has been gathering for weekend campouts at Tower Hill, Warren Dunes State Park, right on Lake Michigan, just north of New Buffalo.  It is a time to reconnect, sit around the campfire, climb Tower Hill, catch some waves at the beach, and swat mosquitoes.

As tradition goes, each morning a bunch of grandkids and adults come over to the picnic table at the campsite where my wife and I pitch our tent, while I get busy toasting bagel after bagel in a little pan over a small camp stove.  Last year I was doing this for too many hungry people all at once and I got distracted and spilt my mug of scalding hot coffee on the legs of 5 year old grandson Logan.

Emergency. Logan’s thighs had quickly turned red in color. Immediately he was crying, screaming and in great pain.

After a few quick moments of gathering my wits and centering myself, I began using the Healing Touch technique of unruffling, working to smooth out the disturbed energy around his legs, while my wife Marianne gently poured cool water over his legs.. Standing over him, I moved my hands down his legs, over and over and over, repeating. He kept crying, Marianne kept pouring water.  Logan’s Mom and Dad, his brothers, the in-laws, all ran over from their campsite to check on him.  They would leave back to their campsite across the road, and then return to see how it was going. After fifteen minutes or so, the pouring of water stopped. I continued unruffling. Logan cried out, “I’ll never be able to ride my bike again”, and then, “I’ll never walk again.”

It was frightening to hear such things, but I was able to keep centered, keep doing the work, smoothing out the area above his legs.  I kept at it for over an hour.

One component of the energy system is the aura or layers of energy extending several inches out, surrounding the body. In a healthy, well-adjusted person, normally, the aura –  this field of energy around the body, is smooth and even. When someone experiences a physical injury, these layers of energy become disturbed or jagged.  A healthy aura is like a smooth potato chip. An injury makes the aura like a ruffled potato chip. So, when working on Logan, I smoothed and smoothed and smoothed out the energy field. Taking out the ruffles or wrinkles. Pretty much anyone, let alone a trained energy therapist, can do this work. The two main guidelines for the Practitioner are 1) to stay centered in his or her Heart Center, the middle chakra; and 2) maintain a positive, compassionate intention for the highest good of the patient, detached from any specific outcome.

Eventually, after more than an hour of my unruffling and smoothing, Logan fell asleep in the camp chair where he had been seated since the scalding coffee hit his little legs. I kept doing the unruffling.

About ten minutes later, he woke up. He was fine. No crying, back to normal. He wanted to go ride his bike.

The family members who had been somewhat skeptical of the value of Healing Touch were no longer so skeptical.

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  1. I am Logan’s mom.. I would also like to add that Logan’s burns healed faster then a normal burn.. We all attributed this to the Healing Touch… Pretty amazing…Thank you, Zadie for your healing engergy!!

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